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We are an HR-TECH Startup connecting highly skilled African Talents with great Businesses and Brands across the globe with a focus on Recruitment-As-A-Service offerings. We are committed to bridging the gap between African Talents and Global Opportunities. 

Our values

Competence, Innovation and Excellence


Recruitment & Selection

You know your business can grow immensely if only you can have extra pair of hands (and another brain) to help you manage and scale it. 


Training & Development

Our training programmes help SMEs develop productive teams, effective leaders and, above all, happy employees who feel valued in their roles. 


Freelancing Coaching

The Coaching and Thought Leadership arm of the Agency is focused on equiping African Talents, Professional Freelancers and Freelancers to be.


Recruitment as a Service

This is a monthly subscription service for our IT recruitment.

We offer a significant cost savings on your internal HR recruiting spend and external agency fees.  Our Recruitment as a Service offering is the ideal blend of outnovation (beyond innovation) strategy, technical tools, and professional team capability, wrapped up in a monthly subscription that saves your brand thousands of dollars in traditional agency recruiting fees, while achieving your tech hiring goals.

We charge a fixed monthly cost for a minimum of 3 months. From candidate identification and outreach to interview and close. We generate a talent pipeline fast, at scale, while delivering massive cost savings for your company.  Outnovately Africa takes the challenging process of recruiting tech talent and simplifies it with a fully integrated approach that combines technology, automation, data, and experts in IT recruiting to provide you with top tech talent.

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Borderless Professional

Join our COMMUNITY of Freelancers and Remote Workers

The Borderless Professional Private Community is a blessing to African Talents who are Freelancers and Remote Workers. The community was created as a place to post jobs, ask questions, and share knowledge about freelancing. It’s grown tremendously since it was founded by our CEO ‘Temitope Olukunle’ and now serves as a major support system for people at all stages of their freelance journey.

Do you have questions about freelancing? Want to meet other freelancers? Need freelancing resources? Our community was created for you. Our community is where you can connect with real people, learn from their experiences, and get practical advice when you need it most.

Click on the Link below to join us.

About Us

The labor market is increasingly becoming globalized and the best people to work in your business or organization will not necessarily be by your doorstep. This is why an outnovative approach to recruiting top talent is relevant to all businesses.