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Providing Recruitment-as-a-Service for your Brand’s Talent needs.

Our Recruitment-as-a-Service  offering is a monthly subscription service for recruiting. It is the ideal blend of outnovation, strategy, technical tools, and professional team capability, wrapped up in a monthly subscription that saves your brand thousands of dollars in traditional recruiting fees, while achieving your tech hiring goals.


The labor market is increasingly becoming globalized and the best people to work in your business or organization will not necessarily be by your doorstep. Which is why an Outnovative approach to recruiting top talent is relevant to all businesses. We are an HR-TECH startup providing Recruitment and Human Capital Development services and connecting highly skilled African Talents with great Businesses and Brands across the globe. Over the last couple of years, many giants of the world of new technologies have been directing their activities towards Africa. As an HR-Tech Startup, we see a future where everyone can easily find the right position for their skills and capacity through our Global Talent Acquisition services.

We also recognize the extraordinary potential of African Talents, and the incredible pace of development in the continent. We want African Talents to be able to demonstrate their potential in the global economy by building their capacity and reputation in international projects which is why we offer trainings for Professionals. We are people centered and purpose led.

Lead Strategist

Lead Strategist

Our team is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Temitope Olukunle. Temi expresses her passion for human development and capacity building on a daily basis. A Global Talent Consultant, Gig Economist, Self-Empowerment Coach, Seasoned Facilitator and a Human Resources Enthusiast with a professional experience of over 7 years working with Global Brands and several Firms in Nigeria.

With a passion for People, Products, Processes, Productivity and Performance, she is committed to helping young visionaries, upwardly mobile professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations achieve their personal, career and business goals faster and easier than they possibly can on their own.

She is a graduate of the University of Lagos with a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and Strategy, Certified Member of the Institute of Personnel Management, Certified SAFe Scrum Master, a Project Management Specialist and a Business Analyst. She’s built capacity not just in International Human Resource Management but in Business Support working with leading global brands such as Upwork, MIDS Corporation, BCF Software, BCF International, West Orange Nephrology, Kenneth Soriyan Research & Ideas, Agile Train Consult, Efser Global Partners, AGA Petroleum, Yinka Folawiyo Group, and many more.

For years she’s helped startups and business leaders embrace digital-first, remote-first, and freelance-first talent models for Talent Acquisition and People Operations across enterprise environments. She’s helped 28+ global enterprises hire freelancers at scale, trained 1000+ freelancers, and spoken across several platforms.

She is exceptionally passionate about Youth, Borderless Careers, and Global Positioning with a focus on helping Talents become compliant with the Future of Work, the Human Cloud, and the Gig Economy.

As a Change Adoption and Agile Delivery Manager, she has led, executed, and delivered on several initiatives in Digital Transformation, Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Employee Engagement, and Business Operations Management, connecting dots between business requirements; performance needs, and people initiatives to increase the overall effectiveness of organizations’ workforce while bringing to bear set business objectives.

Her experiences span across Real Estate, Investment Banking, Hospitality, IT, Staffing Advisory, Digital HR, and Management Consulting. She is a leading voice in the Gig Economy and the founder of Outnovately Africa, an HR-Tech Startup focusing on Global Talent Recruitment, Human Capacity Development, and Digital Upskilling Training. As a Coach to African Freelance Talents, she’s trained on how to position in the global economy, earn in foreign currencies from home, secure jobs online, level up their finance, start a side hustle, monetize their skills, and in turn create a full-time Digital Career Portfolio.

Her passion has always been Service to Humanity while her ultimate legacy is to help young people change their lives. She believes that the Empires of the future will be knowledge based entities. And the people who invest in building knowledge will outperform those who are fixated on other types of investments.