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Great Future

For African Talents starts here.

You know your business can grow immensely if only you can have extra pair of hands (and another brain) to help you manage and scale it.

 You know what you do is valuable, it works and people love what you do, BUT you know more people could benefit from your work, if you could just get away from those pesky little tasks you don’t enjoy doing so as to concentrate on generating more business and income.  We provide inclusive, innovative, and engaging recruitment solutions by effectively working in partnership with our clients – together we can win the war for talent!. Our Outsourced Recruitment Services can reduce your operating costs, increase the speed of hiring, and improve the quality of your hires. All information received from our clients is confidential and will be used only upon their direct instruction. Struggling to recruit for your business?

Let us help…

Our Recruitment Services include:


We use world class proven strategies including behavioral assessments to ensure applicants selected possess the qualities that will complement your corporate culture and enhance your bottom line. Our attention to detail and meticulous processes ensure that only the best fit for positions are selected.


We have a community of Talent and an online application system on our website. This enables candidates to register online, eliminating the problems associated with manual CV processing.


Our extensive network & database makes our headhunting process world-class. We can find your ideal candidate anywhere in the world.


We offer cost-efficient, convenient and speedy Contract Labor Outsourcing Services <br>We can provide professionals/highly skilled workforce for your organisation, to help facilitate any part of your on-site work process in the event of sickness, short-term cover or head-count freeze as well as to manage specific projects.

Our Recruitment Process:

Step 1: Source
  • Develop a job description / profile
  • Determine the best sourcing strategies
  • Create a job ad (incorporating your employment branding) that will catch the attention of the targeted audience
  • Post the job ad to our community as well as to carefully selected recruiting and network resources
Step 2: Screen
  • Screen resumes
  • Conduct phone interviews with top candidates
  • Recommend candidates for, schedule, and/or participate in face-to-face interviews
Step 3: Select
  • Assist clients with developing interview guides and scheduling on-site interviews
  • Facilitate panel interviews
  • Provide Assessment Tools to help ensure candidates are a fit for the job and culture
Step 4: Verify
  • Facilitate background checks, drug testing, and employment testing
  • Conduct reference checks
Step 5: Hire
  • Assist management with hiring decisions and making employment offers
  • Develop and facilitate new employee orientation/onboarding
  • Notify the candidates not selected