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Personal Re-Invention ahead of 2023

Lead Strategist

These 5Cs can help you reinvent yourself as we begin the journey toward 2023 together.

– Clarity: Ask questions, sit with your results, review, and audit, gain an understanding of your present realities, and let awareness be your priority. What’s your next level and what does it look like?

– Conviction: Those who will win must first win in their mind, so if you believe you can you are right, and if you believe you can’t then you are also right.

– Capacity: Now that you know your NEXT and you are convinced it is achievable, it is time to build capacity. You and I know that we hardly get a different result doing the same thing, so it is time to ACTIVATE what is required for your LEVEL UP. New knowledge? New Skills? New Job? New Relationship? New Habits? Over to you

– Congruence: It is time to bring everything together because Execution is the name of the GAME. Some of us don’t need new information but to be transformed by the one we have already so let’s get to work.

– Coaching: if you think I won’t add this one, you lie. Lol. Well if you need a personal clarity session, career coaching, personal guidance, and help with your implementation then you already know I am your PLUG.
You can pick my brain.

By Temitope Olukunle

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