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Gig Economy: 4 Things you should know

The Gig economy can be said to be those jobs that individuals discover and access through online platforms that advertise these jobs. They include freelance work, coaching, tutoring, a consultancy. and these jobs are often one-time and probably short-term contract jobs.

It is an economy that operates flexibly, involving the exchange of labor and resources through digital platforms.

The gig economy has risen drastically in popularity over the last half-decade and is now a very common way for individuals to earn a second stream of income. However, you can find here 4 things you need to know about the Gig economy

1. Research suggests that over 1.6 million people worldwide get their income from the gig economy and the gig economy was worth as much as $4.2 trillion on a global level in 2020, with a growth trend that promises an even larger share in the future.

2. The Gig economy is also for unskilled workers and professionals like software engineers, HR professionals, or Accountants who are also participating in the gig economy with short-term assignments.

3. Most successful gig economy workers are those who know how to manage their time and their costs effectively.

4. They are always gigs that suit your skill set and lifestyle through any number of gig economy websites like Upwork, Behance, Fiverr, Freelancer, TaskRabbit, CareerBuilder, and also post short-term gig jobs